Thursday, 10 December 2015

Saying "Yes"!

So I've finally done it... Just under a month ago I received my fifth offer, and yesterday I replied to them all! I have accepted Liverpool Hope as my firm choice (BBC offer) and York St John as my insurance (unconditional).

As I've mentioned before, my college had recommended that we wait a while before replying, but I was certain of my choices before I even had the offers and so wanted to respond asap! Even though I've been desperate to reply, I also wanted to follow college's advice and wait a while. However, I felt rude not replying to the unis after receiving my offers so quickly, and so I replied yesterday.

But I can't believe how terrifying it is! I was so surprised by how nervous I was to actually click "confirm". I was so worried about clicking on the wrong one, I had to get my friend to double check that I had selected the right unis (Cheers Hannah!!)! I was so concerned that my eyes might have been deceiving me! The best part of replying though, is that you don't actually have to click "reject" to the unis whose offers you're declining. For some reason, I felt really uncomfortable at the thought of rejecting my offers, and so I was extremely relieved that UCAS does it for you! You just choose your firm and insurance, then the other offers are automatically declined.
Albert Docks, Liverpool. Fingers crossed, I'll be living in this beautiful city next year!

So for now, its all over and done with! All that's left is to attend applicant days and then get the grades in the summer!

I hope I haven't made it sound too scary, but my advice would be to have a good friend/family member/someone you trust close by who can reassure you that you have selected the right unis (even if just to calm you down and make sure you know you're not going crazy!!!).

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Anna x

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