Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nearly There


It seems like it's been ages since I've blogged but revision and exams have fully taken over my life! This is only going to be short as I have an exam tomorrow and one on Friday which I need to revise for, but I just wanted to show that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth (not yet anyway!!).

I can't quite believe I'm saying this, but I have only one more lesson and two exams left until I finish college! It seems like these past few weeks have flown by (thank goodness!) and now I can finally see the end in sight.

I can't wait for exams to be over and then I have a nice long summer ahead where I'll be able to work and earn extra money before uni but (most importantly) spend loads of time with my friends before we all go off to uni or whatever we're doing next year. It's gonna be fab!

So here's to the light fast approaching at the end of the tunnel and I want to wish everyone the best of luck with your remaining exams! They'll be fine, go and smash it!!

Anna x

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